Haim Shafir is Israel’s most prolific game designer. His game Taki is practically the national game of Israeli children and adults alike (although I think Backgammon and Chess would be fierce contenders). Around the world he is best known for Halli Galli, as well as many other games...
Playing is a cross cultural social phenomenon but it is not exclusive to humans - animals play as well, which implies that play existed prior to the appearance of the Homo Sapience. So why do humans and animals play? The first apparent reason is that playing is a form of training...
After two years as a mechanical engineer, Haim Shafir partnered with his carpenter friend and began to design wooden toys. One year as a toy designer was enough for Haim to realize that he had found his vocation, but he decided to relinquish wooden toys and focus on board games.

Since his early days as a game inventor, Haim Shafir has been drawn to research and explore the common denominator between people and he focuses  on  developing  games   that   are  free of 
Much has been written about creativity. Artists share their experience, psychologists explain and philosophers seek for the "Holy Grail". Yet, in spite of the abundance of ideas, theories and songs, creativity remains hazy and illusive and escapes the confinement of words...
המשחקים של חיים שפיר
cultural orientation and almost unlimited by age. The universal nature of his games opened many markets for Shafir and today, after a career of forty years, they are sold in over 30 countries and some, such as Taki, Halli Galli, and Speed Cups, have become best-selling international classics.

As well as his work as a game inventor Haim Shafir has also written several children’s books and two books about playful and creative human behavior: Play for your Life and The Human Play

Due to the exceptional success of his games, and his unique approach to creativity and creative thinking, Haim Shafir has become a desired speaker in various forums where he shares his expertise and creative insights.

Haim Shafir Speaking about creativity at TEDx 
Haim as a guest of honor in Taipei book fair ​
Haim Shafir with fans at Essen Toy Fair ​
Israeli role model for excellent achievements 
Rehearsing for a scene in a sitcom as himself 
Haim Shafir as a guest star on a TV show in South Korea
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